Because I Must.

As a recovering liberal who grew up and continues to live in one of the bluest of the blue areas of this country, I can get dispirited by the isolation of my beliefs.  Then I read something like this and know that I’m not alone:

I can get downright discouraged. That's when those disturbing thoughts emerge: "What's the point? Why bother to write essays and letters to the editors and read web sites and forward emails?"

But then the answer appears: Because I must.

Because Obama and Pelosi and all the President's thugs want us to run away with our tails between our legs. The Democrats are puffing themselves up and beating their chests like gorillas. They want us to give up. And that's exactly why we won't.

Robin of Berkeley - which is how she is know at American Thinker - is a psychotherapist living and practicing in Berkley, CA - yes, that more left than left bastion of liberalism.  Some years ago she had a similar awakening to my own - that the liberal ideologies we held so dear for all of our lives were just plain wrong in so many ways.

To do that where I live - and continue to hold onto my new viewpoint - is no small achievement.  As I’ve said many times in the past I am a conservative trapped in a liberal wasteland (and will always give credit for that phrase to my fellow New Englander, conservative and blogger - Blogmeister USA).  

It was the same for Robin of Berkeley:

But it's been the best of times for me because I've become a different person. No, maybe I've just become who I was supposed to be all along. "I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now can see."

It's been a magical ride, otherworldly, with amazing people coming into my life…

Ah yes, those amazing people are legion and legendary for me.  I would not be able to count among my friends LexBuckKateMichellethe PupOne Ticked ChickJim Suldog (these last 2 also fellow conservative New Englanders) and so many others if I hadn’t had the best change of heart of my life. I’d probably be trolling the depths of the HuffPo or DailyKos fever swamps - clueless about the lies that are Obama.  I suppose there is some bliss in that kind of ignorance however I do prefer to see the punches coming at me rather than getting that horrifying sucker-punch when it’s too late to stop it.

Sometimes it is a slog and worse being conservative in New England.  Even though I am often guarded in conversations sometimes something will slip out that will give voice to my true feelings - and the dirty looks, shocked gazes and frank, open hostility begin.  Depending upon the person sometimes it’s nearly impossible to soften the ruffled feathers of the aggrieved liberal. For as much as I think I’m passionate about my beliefs, I’ve got nothing on the self-righteousness of the liberal in New England (though I don’t claim that just for my geographic area, I’m sure it exists elsewhere). There is something to the claim of elitism in this region of the country - although it is frequently ascribed to conservatives when in fact the elitist places in New England are fortresses of liberal ideologies - Harvard and Yale for a start.

Robin of Berkeley has it right when she says this in closing her article:

Getting up and fighting for our country every day... to me, this is the only possible option during these dark and uncertain times.

Again, I’d rather see it coming than be grabbed from behind in the dark.