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On Curves and Stick Insects

I have a bona fide, over-the-top girl crush on this woman.  Christina Hendricks is just about the most luscious woman I’ve seen in a long time – and I’m a woman for goodness’ sake.  I am quite frankly enthralled with Ms. Hendricks – she is confident, beautiful and very proud of her curves; as she should be. Several of my friends also have girl crushes on her and who can blame them! While she is a bombshell of a woman, she also seems very relatable. Like a great girl friend you can have over, share a pizza and some wine and talk until the wee hours of the morning.

The Mad Men actress has hit back at labels that cannot cater to her size 14 figure when lending out sample sizes to celebrities.

Christina said: “People have been saying some nice, wonderful things about me. Yet not one designer in town will loan me a dress.”

Now I know that last bit sounds like some serious whining from someone who probably makes more per episode of her series then I make in a year yet…she’s right.  The skinny girls in Hollyweird get free everything; someone like Ms. Hendricks has to pay designers to custom-make dresses to fit that spectacular body. And while they might be discounted, she still has to pay for them.  Given the amount of time these stars spend in public on a red carpet, this is no small expense even with a discount.

I have long championed a more normal ideal of womanhood – be happy with who you are and what you have – whether too much or too little. And I recently encountered someone who totally reinforced – in the rudest way possible – my point.

Last Saturday I had the morning to myself.  I went to the local Starbucks to get a latte and one of my favorite treats – a Cinnamon Chip Scone. They are to-die-for and a rare indulgence for me. I had errands to do and thought a gentle break in Starbucks would be just the way to ease myself into a busy morning – sit quietly, sip a lovely latte, enjoy my extravagant scone, play around with my iPhone and enjoy some me-time.

A stick insect had other plans for me.

As I entered the store there was a couple in front of me – mid 30s, dressed for working out. Clearly fit and toned people – good for them.  The woman in particular was super-tiny; the kind of overall build that indicated she doesn’t really have to work at staying fit and toned.  Plainly blessed with good genetics.

They made their coffee & food purchases and sat down inside the Starbucks. I stepped up and ordered my precious latte and the last Cinnamon Chip Scone.  I sat near the couple (it’s hard not to sit near anyone in a Starbucks…) and settled in peacefully with my iPhone and treats.

Shortly afterwards, the stick insect began talking about the food choices other people make – and not in a polite, in-public, restaurant-voice. In a normal voice so that anyone sitting near her could hear.  And since I was the only person near her – all that she said was meant for me.

“I don’t know how people can eat scones, it's just disgusting! Don’t they know the FAT content? For god’s sake I could eat 2 of the sandwiches I got here and still not equal the FAT content of a scone!”

She went on to talk about the research she’s done into the FAT content of scones and how horrible they are to consume all the while making other comments about the wisdom and judgment of people who eat these dastardly things. There were further mutterings from the stick insect that I didn’t really register because I was Just. So. Hurt.

How dare she pass judgment on a person she’s never met – right in front of that person! This woman clearly has issues with food, body image and just about everything else.  Boundaries and respect don’t exist in her life.  I will be fair to the husband and say that he did try to shut her up; she didn’t listen to him.

I managed to eat the rest of my hideous scone and leave without saying a word.  I really didn’t know what to say.  Which allowed me to take the high road and I’m grateful that I did.  I moved past hurt and into anger then I started to really think objectively about the incident.

As I pondered what she said and the level of her rudeness, I came to the conclusion that it really must suck to go thru life like that – passing judgment based on appearances and random encounters, having so many food issues that you have to comment on the choices of total strangers, feeling so badly about yourself that you have to project the toxins on to innocent bystanders so you can feel better.

And then I had my big revelation: She will always be a stick insect living a low-fat life. Whereas I will always be a curvy goddess living a scone-filled life.  And I wonder which life most people would choose:

 Shallow and Unhappy or...

Living Well, Laughing Often and Loving Much.


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Reader Comments (6)

Hmm, lemme see, scone vs stick insect... which one has attributes I find appealing?


Scone, every time.

That's coming, btw, from someone who was a size zero for many many years while consuming 4000 calories a day. I have friends who gain weight on 1200 calories a day--while working out. It's genetics, not virtue (or lack thereof) that rolls those dice.

September 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJAS

I have run into lots of people who think because I am overweight, that I must be stupid, but I have not met anyone who thought I was deaf - hence the talking where you would hear her. The stick woman has serious problems - all her security is tied up in her "beauty" when actually, she is not beautiful at all. She is the one who is stupid, and she is rude - making her truly ugly.

Yes, I fight my weight battle every day, but I have decided that I will not pass up certain pleasures - like a caffe latte and a scone now and then. "Cause life is to be lived.

September 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLou

I'd say Lou summed it up rather nicely, and you know my stance on this whole subject already. I am proud of you for not squishing that vile insect under your thumb when you had the chance to. Next time I'm in town, I think I'll have a scone in her honor...better yet, I'll bake some and eat TWO. (That dress is to DIE for!!)

September 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShannon

Yeah, what Lou said. And you, too, Kris... of course. You know where I am on this topic; we'll not flog dead draft animals.

re: Christina Hendricks. I'd listen to that woman complain about designers all evening and as far into the night as she'd wanna go. Every night, if that's what it took. You ain't the only one with a crush. ;-)

September 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBuck

JAS - you are so right - genetics is everything. I was thinner once and I had to flirt with anorexia to make that happen. So - curvaceous is me!

Lou - my sentiments exactly! Life is meant to be lived - great words!

Shannon - frankly I loved your Facebook suggestion - cram it down the bitch's throat and not let her purge. Still makes me belly-laugh!

Buck - now why am I not surprised at your feelings about Ms. Hendricks. :-) She is definitely crush-worthy in every respect. You should get Mad Men thru Netflix; it's worth it just to see her. But the show really is incredible!!!

September 4, 2010 | Registered CommenterKris

My family always gets tense in situations like these, because they know how tempted I am to say something. Like, "some people only need to smile to be beautiful, while others have to continuously watch what they eat". Or, "I can always lose weight, but you would have to gain manners". Or, "Life sucks for some of us who can't be happy with themselves."

As for the beauteous Christina...I loved her character on Firefly...and envied, envied, envied her those curves.

September 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMrs. Who

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