Sweet, sweet relief. Thy name is ... rain. And lots of it, for the next 3 days.

Grateful for rain - there must be something wrong with me.  And normally I would agree except that this current weather pattern has brought me a calm mind and steady heart.

It has caused the cancellation of the charity golf tournament that was scheduled for tomorrow.  In fact it has postponed it for one month.

In this kind of rain - torrential last night with more to come thru tomorrow - the greens of a country club golf course would be torn up even if we all walked, let alone used golf carts.  So it is the country club who pushed for cancellation.


My relief is indescribable.  I spent the morning yestereday on the phone trying to find the elusive battery for my Minolta digital SLR - to no avail.  The Oracle and I went out yesterday afternoon trying to find one and we struck out.

Now - I have one month to figure out what I'm going to do.  I'm going to put the Minolta thru its paces in the next 2 weeks - I'm going to try to use it everyday in all kinds of situations to see if it holds up to constant use.  If it does, I have those 2 batteries I ordered that will come in, eventually. So I'll have the necessary spare equipment for an all-day photoshoot.

If my camera doesn't perform up to snuff, if I even get one wonky error message - I have time to shell out the necessary dollars for a new kit.


So - 2 weeks of testing the current camera then, if necessary, 2 weeks to learn how to use a new one.

Either way - my heart is no longer racing, my mind is no longer in a state of fevered panic. And I can enjoy a rainy Sunday afternoon in total peace.