It has been an eventful couple of days - all in a good way.

I continue to progress very well; I am up to dressing myself completely which is no small thing.  One of the major post-op restrictions I have is no bending beyond 90 degrees. So give that a thought....

....and you'll realize how impossible it is to put on pants, socks or shoes.  There are tools you have to use and you are grateful for them once you figure it all out.  Which takes time and patience ... the former which I have alot of and the latter which - I don't.

But it's all good. 

I am back to successfully - and safely - getting myself into and out of bed.

My physical therapist came today and we had a rousing session.  Lots of leg exercises with lots of repetitions. Then came a very long walk which is hard to describe without visuals.  Perhaps next time I'll have The Oracle take the camera with him so you can see how far I'm walking just 2 weeks post-op.  It is - impressive.  Our house is at the apex of a hill, so no matter what direction I go it will be downhill...with the return all uphill.  It's challenging the minute I leave the driveway.

Particularly given that part of it was done with - wait for it - One. Crutch.

Yes! Yippee!  For short periods only, I have been cleared to use one crutch to get around.  You have no idea how liberating this is.

I can finally help with meals.  And when The Oracle goes back to work next week, I'll be able to take a meal to a table and eat it sitting down - rather than standing at a countertop.  I'll be able to carry an item from one room to another. 

And it's one week ahead of where I was with my other hip replacement.  That's probably the best part of all. As I compare my progress I can see where I am so far ahead of where I was the last time.  At 2 weeks post-op I could barely walk to the end of the was 3 full weeks post-op before we began the one crutch use.

I feel stronger everyday, it truly is amazing.  My body is healing and I can feel it happening.  I can feel the muscles re-engaging, can feel the blood flow improving with each step.

It really is a miracle to experience this.