Long and Winding Road

Or at least it felt like one.

I tried my hand at driving yesterday.  The Oracle took me to an nearly empty parking-lot so that I could drive around, park, back-up, etc...

As "luck" would have it there was a state police officer parked in the lot, doing paperwork. So we pulled up next to him and let him know what we would be doing.  He smiled, looked at me and said "Just don't hit me, OK?" all while he had to silence the what I know to be huge dog in the backseat.

Yeah - state police and a K9 unit to boot. No pressure. Trust me, I gave him a wide berth.

So I got myself into the driver's seat and proceeded to ... drive around.  Pretended there were cars to park in between, asked The Oracle to give me random orders to stop - to see how my reflexes were.

It was going OK - not great as it didn't feel 100% right to me.  Until I attempted to back out of a parking space with imaginary cars around me.

I checked everywhere, certain that I wasn't going to "hit" anything.  Except that I missed the big red pick-up truck that was indeed parked nearby.

I nearly backed right into it.  The Oracle, quite calmly, observed that I might want to avoid hitting the truck right behind me.

Color me - startled and a little more than freaked out.  I was just a few feet from the truck - and I truly never saw it there.

I pulled forward a bit, put the car in park and decided I'd had enough.

Clearly I am not ready for the open road.

In fact, the picture above is the perfect illustration of what the parking lot looked and felt like - it's as if everything is on a 1-2 second delay.  And yesterday I hadn't taken any of my meds for over 15 hours by the time I took the wheel - so it wasn't from a drug hangover nor was I driving under the influence of anything.

Except perhaps leftover anesthesia. They say that for every hour you are under general anesthesia, it takes one week for it to get out of your system.  I was out for nearly 6 hours...and at this point even a brisk walk down the street and back leaves me a little shaky.

With my last hip replacement in 2009, I recall my first solo driving excursion was at nearly 6 weeks post-op.  So while I might be ahead of the game physically right now, clearly from a mental perspective - I need to cook a little longer.

And I am OK with that.  Some things should not be rushed.