Walking Tall

This morning I surprised myself...

and walked across my kitchen floor without the aid of a crutch or cane.  Just picked up a carton of milk to put back in the fridge and quite simply...walked over to it.

It wasn't all that pretty but it wasn't horrible either.  And it felt good.

Strong. Stable.

I instinctively trusted my new hip and it didn't fail me.

I won't be doing that too often but ... damn it was a nice feeling.  I did it nearly without thinking, just started the steps.  For a split second I stopped myself but then let the steps flow anyway. 

And in other hip-news:  I am off all narcotics as of this past Monday.  Which means that when I attempt to drive again this coming weekend - I anticipate a much better result than the last time.

Which means I will likely be discharged to out-patient P.T. next week and the aggressive strengthening exercises will begin.  Including learning how to climb stairs again - meaning one foot up/down to one stair and then the other up/down to the next stair, rather than one stair at a time.  It is a much bigger deal than it sounds - at least the first time.

Clearly, progress continues.  I am grateful every day for my recovery - it has had it's bumps along the way of course but for the most part it has been smooth and without complication.

I am blessed.