That would be me - and not just from at-home P.T.

As of this past Monday I am officially discharged from needing any further P.T. - at-home or out-patient.  This. Is. Huge.

I am so far ahead of the game in terms of mobility that any further, formal physical therapy really won't get me any further than I can get on my own.  I have all the exercises I need to do to continue to strengthen all the hip and thigh muscles.  The biggest prescription remains walking.  Which I have enjoyed very much - charting my progress by how many houselots I walked compared to the last one.  At this point I am walking nearly to the end of my street - at the bottom of a very steep hill.  Once the weather really turns cold, I will turn to the elliptical machine that I bought ages ago to continue the strengthening.

And I can do all of that on my own. 

On yeah and one of the best parts of all this exercising and walking?  I've lost nearly 10 pounds since my surgery and at this point it's not the weight loss that sometimes happens in the wake of major surgery.  It is just my body responding to the exercise.  I confess I do still have a diminshed appetite and I'm OK with that; I'm eating healthy and eating less. 

Indeed, my progress over the past few days has been so momentous that I am now climbing stairs - reciprocally!  Yup - one over the other rather than one at a time.  This is an enormous development and one that literally appeared overnight.  This past weekend I could barely do 2 stairs reciprocally; on Monday I did a flight of 12 stairs in my house ... twice.

This is usually one of the final pieces of out-patient P.T. - it takes tremendous balance to go up or down this way.  You don't realize how much until you have to try to do it after a hip replacement.  With my last hip replacement I was nearly into week 7 post-op before I attempted this and it was with guidance and lots of talking.  This time...I was ready, asked to do it and just - did it.

There really are no words to describe my elation.  It puts me 3 weeks ahead of the curve and released me from the obligation of out-patient P.T.

I have the aforementioned exercises to do - which I will be dedicated to for quite some time.  The key now is to build up my stamina.

Now that I'm driving - oh yes, it was a successful weekend with driving too - I can go out on my own whenever I want.  Which I tried yesterday and while it went well, 45 minutes in a shopping mall and I was exhausted.


It's what will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner.