Perpetually Aggrieved

No doubt you've heard about the Korans that were burned, by accident, in Afghanistan by American personnel.  While these Korans were being used by detainees to pass along messages of terror which may well have included plots to kill Americans and other innocents, they were not meant to be burned.

And of course where there is the possibility to be offended, radical Muslims will take up the banner in full force.  As they have done for the past several days - demonstrating, protesting and ... killing people - American soldiers to be precise.

Two U.S. troops have been shot to death and four more wounded by an Afghan solider who turned his gun on his allies in apparent anger over the burning of Korans at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, an Afghan official tells CBS News.

And now they are killing - each other.

Six protesters and a police officer were killed in the western Afghan province of Herat on Friday when demonstrations over the accidental burning of Korans on a U.S. military base again turned violent, local officials said.

Dozens more protesters were wounded, authorities said, and one group tried unsuccessfully to storm Herat’s U.S. consulate.

President Please-Let-Me-Grovel Obama has, unbelievably, issued a formal international apology to the entire Afghan nation, on the same day that those 2 American soldiers were killed.

I have to wonder when Afghan President Karzai will issue more than a statement of regret for the deaths of civilians and acknowledge the murder of our own troops:

President Hamid Karzai has been deeply saddened by the reports of civilian casualties in the protests that are being held in different provinces over the issue of burning of Quran in Bagram airbase.

Well, when members of the Afghan Parliament itself is calling for its citizens to wage jihad on Americans - you know you've lost the argument.

“Americans are invaders, and jihad against Americans is an obligation,’’ said Abdul Sattar Khawasi, a member of Parliament from the Ghorband district in Parwan Province, where at least four demonstrators were killed in confrontations with police Wednesday.

Standing with about 20 other members of Parliament, Khawasi called on mullahs and religious leaders “to urge the people from the pulpit to wage jihad against Americans.’’

The Taliban also called on people to take up arms against the foreign troops here and the Afghan security forces.

One also wonders if the people of Afghanistan will ever protest the Taliban for their slaughter, starvation, torture and subjugation of Afghans going back to 1996 as well as the drug trafficking that has financed the Taliban, enslaved the people and created a nation of opiate addicts.

I'm also struck by the fundamental reason for all of this.  The Koran is supposed to be the Muslim Holy Book; a book whose contents are so profound that an entire religious group will rear up in high dudgeon if anyone defaces it.

Yet the Korans burned in Afghanistan were ... defaced ... by Muslims.

It is time - long past time - for us to take our human treasures and leave Afghanistan.  They want to live in the 8th century then ... let them.  

The following observation was made in a comment at the Hot Air article linked above:

This is the reason the way to wage war is the way we waged war in WWII. Absolutely overwhelming force that destroys every last aspect of resistance of the enemy. You can either surrender unconditionally and remain surrendered, or we will just carpet bomb your entire civilization back to the pre-stone age.

Extreme? Yes.  And in this particular case I agree.