Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Of course we've all heard of Obama's latest gaffe regarding small business owners.  I don't think I even need to provide linkage - we are all that aware of further proof that Obama doesn't understand business, the American people or even what it means to truly be American.

Indeed - the only thing Obama has ever added to the economy - local or national - is more debt.

Contrast the golf-loving Campaigner-in-Chief to ... my dad.

He owned his own small business; he started it in 1964 when I was one year old.  He had a business partner who had amassed some wealth thru other entrepeneurial ventures and agreed to loan my dad the money necessary to start up a small roofing and flooring materials development and contracting company.

Daddy worked tirelessly to establish his business - providing employment to countless individuals over the course of the 30+ years he owned and ran the business.

For years he traveled 3-4 days per week, going all over New England selling his products and services to industrial and manufacturing businesses.  His work - roofing and flooring preservation - helped these businesses remain up-to-date with the ever-changing health and safety codes of their particular industry while maintaining their physical buildings to top condition.

In addition to all the travel, daddy worked on weekends with his construction crews - down on his knees with everyone else, applying products.  He worked in all kinds of weather, year-round - indoors and out.  In his business lifetime he would be, literally, blown off a 3-story roof - injuring his back and ending those weekend labors.  Yet it never stopped him from driving thousands of miles every month on his quest to provide customer service to his customer base while drumming up new business.

Always working. 

In addition to running the business and selling the products, daddy also developed most of the materials he sold.  Using the garage as his "laboratory" he concocted all sorts of products thru experimentation with all manner of chemicals, urethanes, polyurethanes, resins, epoxy compounds and other goops that I couldn't name.

Daddy was a sole proprietor for over 30 years - he employed sales people, chemists, construction workers and day laborers.

He paid his taxes faithfully - taxes which contributed to the infrastructure of the Commonwealth of MA.  He paid a fair wage to the people in his employ, contributing to the livelihoods of countless people, to the educations of untold children and to the support of his own loving family.

To that last - as is typical with most small business owners, daddy's pay was the last one out the door.  While he was successful fairly quickly we did not always roll in piles of cash.  There were lean months, lean years.  He always made sure everyone else was taken care of before he ever took a dime for himself and his family.

And to the point about mixing the chemicals in the garage - my dad paid the ultimate price for owning his own business.  It killed him.  He died in 1995 of kidney cancer which is, for the most part, caused by environmental influences.  Between the chemicals he breathed in, in an unfiltered garage, to his passion for cars...we are fairly certain it is what caused the cancer that stole him from us.

So - Mister President - my dad owned his own business, built it from nothing and made something pretty spectacular out of it - and he did it...

On. His. Own.

Mister President - what have you ever done that has added anything to the economy, to the infrastructure of the city in which you lived, to the livelihoods of the people around you?