Ever have a weekend that you expect to go a certain way and ultimately, it doesn't and that's totally and completely OK?  Preferable even?

This past weekend was one of those.

The first weekend in many that The Oracle and I had no commitments - no parties, no gatherings, no special events.  Two whole days to do with as we wished.


We had plans for ... nothing.  Possibly catching up on household chores but because the weather was supposed to be so beautiful we really figured we'd sit on the back-deck and enjoy the birds, the sunshine and the fresh air.

And we did do some of that.  But in the end, we did so much more.

We went to 5:00pm Mass on Saturday night and it was, as always, beautifully uplifting and renewing.  After Mass The Oracle asked me if I was hungry - and I was.  So he said let's go home and get changed and go out, I have something in mind.

A few minutes at home and he reveals our destination - Abbott's Lobster in the Rough - for hot lobster rolls!

This place is an institution in CT and a must for anyone who enjoys shellfish. Especially if you love lobstah.

Everything is fresh-caught in Long Island Sound and brought to Abbott's several times daily.  And while you eat, the picture at left is your view. Endless skies, crisp water, beautiful boats and if you time it right, like we did, the back-side of a summer sunset.

You can get a full-size, 5 pound lobster to crack into; you can get a more traditional lobster roll with mayo and celery or you can get their signature item - the Hot Buttered Lobster Roll.

4 oz. of heavenly sweet lobster meat drenched in butter and served on a toasted, homemade sesame seed roll.  You can also gourge yourself on a 7 oz. sandwich, if you dare.

We did not. The Oracle treated himself to some steamed muscles and I had a fresh ear of steamed corn.

The only food preparation that Abbott's doesn't provide is ... fried.  But if you name the shellfish they have at least 3 different ways of serving it.  The wait in line to place your order and the additional wait for your food can be tedious and it's totally worth it when you tuck into that tender, juicy cockroach-of-the-ocean.

And on the way home from Abbott's, we turned into the magical Salem Valley Farms for some fresh-made ice cream.  This is a pilgrimmage of sorts; it's only about 15 minutes from our house but we rarely go...because it's only 15 minutes away.  The ice cream is surely made by angels and blessed by God himself - it is that good.  So our visit on Saturday night - 15 minutes before they closed - was our first of the season.  We may allow ourselves one more before my hip surgery.

On Sunday our unplanned activities took a decidedly more - physical turn.

We've been trying to get to the gun range for weeks and, as stated above, we've been over-committed for far too long.  So yesterday we were determined to get there, weather permitting.

Clearly, the weather permitted.

It was another gorgeous day - shimmering with a little more heat than on Saturday it was, nonetheless, a crisp, blue-sky kind of day with a lovely light breeze.

Perfect for being out in the great wide-open putting some lead downrange. We indulged in some tactical, self-defense target shooting and, well, it was as it always is - amazingly great way to work out any pent-up emotions or aggression. :-)  

We broke out most of our toys - most, not all.  What you see in the to the right is, clockwise from the top right:

  • Smith & Wesson 625 6-shot revolver in .45acp (The Oracle's)
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm semi-auto (mine)
  • Smith & Wesson .38 Chief's Special (mine)
  • Sig Sauer P238 Rainbow Titanium .380acp (mine)

As you can see I am well-represented.  There are 2 things missing from the picture that belong to The Oracle that just didn't fit on the towel:

  • Kimber 1911 Tactical Pro II in .45acp
  • GSG5 Rifle in .22lr

Yup - it was a good day.  Of course they all had to be cleaned when we got home so we set up on the deck, outside - and enjoyed the hummingbirds buzzing our heads and the assorted birds winging about as if we weren't even there.

But not until we had stopped at the local vintage drive-in for a burger and fries.  Cuz - it was there and why not?

The day ended with a lovely walk around the yard, enjoying the sprouting veggies and blooming flowers.

Like this big beautiful Coneflower.  We have never had so many blooms on this plant as we do this year.  I must get out there with my digital SLR and take some really focused, close-up shots. Though I have to say the Instagram app on my iPhone has done pretty well.

Eventually we retired to our media room to relax and enjoy some random TV shows from Hulu.

Bed early and a great night's sleep.

We had a date night on Saturday that didn't end for about 24 hours.  It was, simply, unexpected and perfect.