...gotta hate.

And no one does hate these days quite like the liberal feminist.  Witness these comments at the link, which is a brief bio of Jana Ryan, wife of Paul Ryan - recently announced V.P. on the Romney campaign.

Stepford wife. - Tyler Durden, Paper Street, 11/8/2012 13:32

Another blonde Republican wife. How original ! She'll wear bright red like the rest of them, when hubby makes a speech. And LONG HAIR. GOP loves that homey look. I hope she doesn't have any living relatives over 60, because her husband will make sure they have few benefits from the Government,. She'll be ok. She's married to a Congressman, and they take care of their own.  - Mary Brickman, Lansdale, PA USA, 11/8/2012 13:57

"Giving up career for family? That never seems to end well for women, does it?" - Sarah, USA, 11/8/2012 20:03

And this gem from the appropriately named commenter - Julie Craven:

American women need to rise up and enusre that these republican, white, uber wealthy men, who marry well educated women who do nothing with themselves but give birth to a pack of kids, do not control this country. The fact that Mitt Romney has come this close to becoming the President of the United States is truly embarrassing. How many grandkids does the man have, eighteen? That is beyond irresponsible to do to the planet and this country. He will roll women's rights back to the dark ages. I am sick to death of what the republican party represents, war, repression of women, elitism, religious fanatiscism, destruction of the environment, and nothing but an artificial, superficial value system that the rest of the world despises. That's just what we need, two stepford wives as first and second ladies and two men who love to keep their wives pregnant and dellight in nothing more than shooting a few innocent wild animals.  - julie craven, San Diego USA, 11/8/2012 17:00

So...all this leaves me a little confused.

In 2008 Sarah Palin was vilified for being a working mother with 5 children, including commiting the cardinal sin of refusing to abort her 5th child, the adorable Trig who has special needs.

And now Janna Ryan is being vilified for being a stay-at-home mother with 3 children.

So if Ms. Ryan had 5 children - would that be OK?

Today's feminists - piss me off.  Well and truly.

I appreciate the feminist movement back in the 60s and 70s; there were egregious inequalities that women still face every day they work outside of the home.  Sexual harrassment, double standards and unequal pay still dog even the most accomplished, educated, over-achieving female.

However I thought feminism was also about women having the right to choose things for their own lives - like keeping a child or aborting one.  Like working outside the home vs. being a stay-at-home mother.

I thought feminism was about giving women options that they hadn't had before.

Janna Ryan received her Bachelor's Degree at one of the country's most prestigious woman's universities - Wellesley.  Considered an Ivy League college it is notoriously difficult to gain entry to this elite institution.  She followed that up attending George Washington University School of Law while working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and living on her own. 

Janna Ryan - worked outside of the home after her college graduation until the birth of her first child - when she was into her 30s.  Janna Ryan made the choice to stay at home with her children.

And the liberals will hate her for it. 

I hope the Ryan family is ready for the onslaught. Because it won't be enough for the MSM and countless others to pillage and plunder the record of her husband; Janna Ryan and her children will be thrust on center stage for the same brutal treatment.