Sartorial Expressions

Seen in the cafeteria of a fortune 100 company earlier today:

Young girl in ridiculously high strappy sandals, a tight skirt and a very revealing t-shirt.

How revealing? Low-cut enough to:

  1. Show off the tattoo on her left breast.
  2. Give everyone an ample eyefull of her cleavage.
  3. Have the top button strain to contain the abundance of her chestly blessings.

I am not a prude. Really I'm not.  But when your clothes would look equally at-home at a nightclub or bar after-hours with your friends...'s a safe bet that it's not at all appropriate at work. 

The tattoo thing...I don't mind them at work, they are a sad fact-of-life these days. But when you can see one that is clearly meant to be out in the open when wearing a bathing suit or cocktail dress - and you are at the office - then you've lost the plot.

Skintight clothing of any kind is just not appropriate at work, unless you are a waitress at Hooters.

As for the shoes - well heels at work are fine but when they look like something you'd see in a "gentleman's" club...I draw the line.

I know, much ado about nothing.  Except that what I saw today is repeated all over the place every day.  And to me it is a sign that these women - most of them under 30 - have a serious lack of self-respect.  When I was their age (yes, I know,saying that makes me old now...) I never would have dressed like that - and back then I could have.  It just didn't occur to me that it would be OK to wear revealing clothing to the office.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Is it self-respect?  Or am I off-base.  Is it that they are from a generation where the general rule of thumb was - anything goes?  Where personal accountability and responsibility are for other people?  Do they come from the generation where everyone got a participant's ribbon rather than recognizing that - yes, Virginia - some kids do things better than others?

Or, the third option - I've become a withered up, judgmental hag.