I believe we have become paralyzed by our desire to be loved.  Our founding fathers had the wisdom to know that social acceptance and popularity is fleeting and that this country's principles needed to be rooted in strengths greater than the passions and emotions of the times. 

They [Democrats] believe seniors will always put themselves ahead of their grandchildren.  So they prey on their vulnerabilities and scare them with misinformation for the cynical purpose of winning the next election. 

Teachers don't teach to become rich or famous. They teach because they love children. 

It's time to end this era of absentee leadership in the Oval Office and send real leaders to the White House. 

You see, Mr. President - real leaders don't follow polls. Real leaders change polls. 

So said Chris Christie at the Republican National Convention last night.  These are just a few of my favorites lines from his amazing speech; I hesitate to use the words "soaring rhetoric" because they have been demeaned by the current occupant of the White House.  Yet...the words carried behind them a power borne of truth and belief in the future of this great country.

And it wasn't just rhetoric for Christie - he meant it.  All of it.  This is powerful stuff.  He called Democrats out on their scare tactics with seniors, on their class warfare and, very pointedly, on the fact that the math doesn't work:

...the math of federal spending doesn't add up...

It was an amazing moment for a conservative Governor who hails from a state with 700,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. 

Chris Christie is living proof of what he said last night:

We've never been a country to shy away from the truth.  History shows that we stand up when it counts and it's this quality that has defined our character and our significance in the world.

And the truth is that our beloved country is on the brink of a canyon of disaster so vast that we will be unable to comprehend the magnitude of our fall until the fall is long over.

It's time ... it is the most basic, the most fundamental - the most important - right we have as citizens of this great country.  To vote.  To make a stand, to put a stake in the ground of our lives and say this is what we believe, this is what we want for ourselves, our families, our friends - our country.

It's time people.  It's time for Obama and his minions to be stripped of their roles in governing this country; which should be easy since they abdicated those roles a couple of years ago.

Vote. Vote. Vote.