Facebook Hypocrisy

Living in the liberal wasteland that is New England, it is fair to say that at least half of my friends are not conservative.  It is also fair to say that at least half of the liberal half are so far left of center that I wonder sometimes what holds our friendships together.

I try very hard not to let politics get in the way of those friendships; we do have common ground in other areas that are far more important, in the long run, than our political positions on the issues.  Some of us have actually made vows with each other that we don't discuss politics when we are alone together; in a crowd it can be different and even then we tend to circumspect.  Though I have been known to walk away from a conversation in a group that is veering into territory that is going to make my blood pressure rise and perhaps say something to a friend that I'd rather not.

These days that is not easy to do when you constantly hear people misquoting facts, following the gibberish that the MSM feeds like baby food to the masses or when they make statements that are outright falsehoods.

The Chick-fil-A controversy has certainly brought out the intolerance of my more liberal friends, especially one in particular.  She is, by her own admission, the most left-leaning person you will ever meet.  She gives a new definition to the word liberal.

We bonded over 20 years ago over good wine, great movies, needlework and the shared property line of our respective homes.  After all this time we have a friendship that is, supposedly, held together by the glue of memories.

She is very much in favor of gay marriage; in fact 75% of her Facebook posts are related to the topic.  And yesterday she put up the picture you see here...knowing full well my position on the issue as well as a handful of her other friends.

I confess I took it a little ... personally.  So I made a very calm, non-confrontational comment:

Are you serious?

I think I exhibited remarkable self-control, don't you?

At this point in my life while I would rather not lose a long-standing friend over political differences, the intolerance exhibited by people on this issue (and others) is enough to prompt me to rethink my commitment to our relationship.

Never one to back-down from a debate I fully expected her to have some kind of response, even if it was a private message.

She didn't disappoint me but her response was ... unexpected.

She simply deleted the post in Facebook.

Kind of like deleting a post on a blog because you don't like what someone said.  I found it to be underhanded and ...

... annoying.

Perhaps I was spoiling for a fight with her; spoiling to at least defend my position and try to get her to see that you can disagree with someone on something that is very close to your heart and not assume that the disagreement is more than it seems.

Like assuming I'm a homophobe because I support Chick-fil-A's owner's right to his own personal beliefs.  In fact I know that my friend believes I am against gay marriage when I have never actually stated publicly what my position is.  She assumes that because I questioned the timing of Obama's announcement about his "evolution" or that I support Chick-fil-A's First Amendment right to freedom of speech that I hate all homosexuals.

To those last 5 words - for the record and any potential future Google searches - I don't hate homosexuals.

I know - you really can't debate this issue with someone this far over the edge on it; they will never see anything but their own blind intolerance.

Which is laughable given that they are objecting to someone else's perceived ... intolerance.

Anyway, small potatoes I know; in the grand scheme of life this is just a blip on a very long road.

Still chaps my ass.