...on women?

Where exactly is the war on women?  I'm a woman and I don't feel like the Republican Party is waging a war on my sex.

I have choices that the generation of women before me could only dream of.  I hold down my own job.  I live in a house that I pay 50% of the expenses to own and maintain.  I pay my own bills. 


I thought that's what feminism was about, at its core.  Giving women choices.

Like it or not the law allows us to procure an abortion if we decide that's the path we want to take.  We can also approach our doctor for birth control to have access to the all important - and importantly flawed - sexual revolution.  We can even go to Planned Parenthood and get our birth control for free if we qualify.

So...this all begs the question:

Why do women expect the government to pay for their birth control?  Why are women making this an issue? 

I take various medications to deal with a few health issues.  I see my doctors regularly to confirm that the symptoms are well-managed and to ensure that I have the appropriate prescription refills for my needs.  I have insurance that will cover these medications.  If I didn't, there are other state-run options I could tap into that would provide me with nearly identical coverage.

I do not believe the government should pay for those medications - and they are required for me to remain a living, breathing, functioning member of society.

Taking birth control is, for the vast majority, a lifestyle choice.  If you want to have sex these days and you don't want children, birth control is the safest method for women to use.  So why should the government pay for that choice?

The CDC did an exhaustive study - 20 years worth - to determine the following:

99% of all women who wanted to avoid pregnancy while being sexually active accessed birth control on their own, and that lack of access didn’t even figure in the reasons for unintended pregnancies.  For those who qualify for Medicaid, the federal government already subsidizes contraception through Title X, and has for nearly 40 years.

See that - the government already subsidizes contraception so even if you are woman without health insurance and you want to be sexually active and prevent pregnancy - you have options.

So where exactly does this war on women rank among the issues that voters have indicated were the most important to them in a CNN poll from May 2012 (the most recent information I could find)?

Yes, healthcare is #2 on the list and I highly doubt it's all about contraception.  As for the war on women...I don't see that on the list.  Of the top 5 issues, 3 of them deal with - the economy.

It's the economy stupid.

As to the war on women and the lunatic fringe wanting their birth control for free - you do know who will help pay for your free contraception, right?

Other women ... who are busy working, earning a living, paying taxes and trying to pay their bills.  In short, women who aren't looking for something for nothing.

Women like Mia Long, Condoleeza Rice, Susanna Martinez, Kim Reynolds, Sher Valenzuela and Pam Bondi - just some of the women who spoke at the Republican National Convention.  Women who possess the will & desire to become something more than anyone expected.

And they did it by working hard and not waiting for anyone to give them anything for free.