We own this country.  Politicians work for us. And when they aren't doing their job, you have to let them go.

---Clint Eastwood, August 30, 2012

He's Rowdy Yates and the spaghetti western anti-hero; he's Dirty Harry Callahan, William Muny and finally, the repentent Walter Kowalski.

He's an Oscar winner, a true Hollywood legend.  He produces, directs and stars in his own movies - because he can.

Clint Eastwood - is the man.

He speak truths that should be self-evident to even the most narrow-minded among us.

He loves his country.  He believes, as should we, that politicians work for us. 

It's long past time for politicians in this country to stop seeing their position as a lifetime appointment.  It's long past time that we the people stopped allowing them to coast year after year, election after election - sitting back in apathy and assuming that it will get better if someone else does the legwork.

We own this country - Mr. Eastwood is right.  It is time we told Obama and his minions that they have failed in their job performance for the past 4 years. It is time to point them in the direction of their next assignment.

The unemployment line.