Sunday Verse

And so He has.  Prayerful meditation over the past week and I was given God's grace in a vision so pure and so startling that I'm still not quite sure it happened.

In that vision, He gave me peace.  He gave me - Himself.  I will carry that with me in the days to come for certain.

As today is - it.

My last day at home, free to move about as I wish and as my body allows. After today there will be restrictions galore, well-managed (hopefully) pain and 8 weeks of intense, 3x per week physical therapy.

The Oracle and I are making the final preparations to get the house ready for someone on crutches with the inability to even dress herself at first.  That latter part - unpleasant though it is - only lasts for about 10 days. 

The crutches last longer...but it's OK.  They are my security blanket as I move about and get out of the house.  Giving me support and letting those around me know that I am by no means steady on my feet.

I am overwhelmed by and filled with ... love and blessings.  From friends both in-person and cyber.  From my parish family.

Last night I realized that God is going to be bored hearing my name all day tomorrow. :-)

There will be a fairly good-sized group of people praying for me at 11:15am EST tomorrow for that is the scheduled time of my surgery.  They include my beloved Fr. Michael - who prayed over me last night as the team serving at Mass gathered for a brief prayer before we got started.  He added a prayer specifically for me with the group still standing, with hands joined in faith and friendship.

The power of the Holy Spirit was truly among us last night.

So today will be it for a while.  Not sure when I'll be back will be when it will be.