I am home as of 3:00pm yesterday.

Yesterday was not a good day, at least in the morning.  My pain meds were delivered nearly 3 hours late despite 2 requests for them.  P.T. had been difficult the entire time in the hospital and yesterday morning it was so bad that they were talking about sending me to a rehab facility instead.

On top of which, the prayer shawl that was gifted to me last Saturday went missing sometime on Wednesday. We think it got caught up in the linens on my bed and got sent to the laundry.

The industrial-style laundry that would turn a beautiful 100% wool prayer shawl into something the size of a placemat.

To say I was devastated would be a vast understatement. The nurses knew about the shawl and were horrified that it was missing.  As of my discharge from the hospital, it was still missing.

At this point I believe that whoever has it - needs it and the prayers within it - far more than I do.  If it turns up and the hospital calls me, that would be a blessing.  But I have given it up to God that wherever it is, is where it is meant to be.

So back to yesterday morning...

...pain meds many hours late, loss of a precious gift, P.T. disasters and talk of rehab instead of going home. Left me a quivering, emotional lump. Eventually the physical therapists decided to give me another shot at P.T. and it went quite well, well enough to summarily discharge me.

All in all the surgical and hospital experiences this time were average.  The nurses were truly wonderful and I am grateful to each of them - Krista, Nikki, Tefta and so many others - for the generosity of their care and compassion.

I lost quite a bit of blood during surgery - 1/2 liter to be exact - which is over the high end of expected loss during an ortho surgery.  And my incision is much longer than my other one which - I wasn't expecting.  Now it's not like I'm a Victoria's Secret model or anything but...I'll be asking about that at my post-op appointment in a couple of weeks.

But ... I am home.  Slept in my own bed last night and am safely ensconced in the "big chair" in our living room.  The Oracle could have a second career as a physical therapist or home healthcare aid. He has been amazing throughout all this. 

I have a complicated recovery ahead of me again, largely due to the newly-revealed arthritis in my knees. That being said, given that today is really day 5 since I had major joint replacement surgery...

...I'm not doing that bad.

And I have what we are calling my Recovery Cocktail to ease me into regular life:


Oxycodone (pain)
Robaxin (muscle spasms)
apentin (nerve spasms)


Oxycodone (pain)
Robaxin (muscle spasms)
apentin (nerve spasms)
Ambien (10 mg) - we call this the cherry on top

Let's just say that the evening cocktail allowed me nearly a full night's uninterrupted sleep last night. I expect nothing less than that tonite...

...and that is a blessing all by itself.