Less than 2 weeks to my hip replacement. In fact 2 weeks from today I will be spending day 2 in the hospital with the hope of going home the next day.

Yes - you have your hip replaced on Monday with the plan to go home on Wednesday.

Cuz a hospital is no place for a sick person.

I continue my endless circle of don't want to do it/must do it/don't want to do it/must do it and so on.  Though days like yesterday and today remind me of why this is necessary and also help me get to that peaceful place of acceptance.


Lots of it.

And we are now in the window of time where there are restrictions on medications to prepare for surgery.

No vitamin supplements, no herbal supplements and no Advil.

No. Advil.

No. Advil!

Up to now the pain has been relatively manageable with the odd threesome of Advil taken very infrequently.  And of course now that I can't take any Advil...the pain decides to increase 10-fold in the span of 48 hours.

And no, Tylenol of any kind doesn't even begin to touch this level of pain.  What I really need is some serious narcotics and ... nope ... not going to be able to get them.

I need to be able to function in my life.

It's going to be a long 12 days until the 17th.