Six Million Dollar Woman

The hits...they keep on coming.

Today I had my final consult with my surgeon for my upcoming hip replacement.  All my pre-op test results are in and I am in great health.  Bordering a little on hypertension but otherwise no surprises and the surgeon gave the final go-ahead to proceed on the 17th.

I also expressed ongoing concern about the pain in my left knee; we have believed for months that it has been referred from the hip - which is not uncommon.  However in recent days the pain has changed - becoming more pronounced and in different locations on top of what was already there.  So - I requested x-rays of my knee just to be sure.

Now, on top of trying to get to a peaceful place regarding my upcoming surgery - I have to come to terms with what he said about the knee x-rays: I will, at some point in the future, need both of my kneecaps replaced.




Because 2 hip replacements in 3 years isn't enough, I'll be adding partial knee replacements to my dossier of things to set of metal detectors as well.

The plan is to have the hip replacement surgery done, get fully recovered from that and then get some joint lubrication shots in both knees.  Basically to buy me some time before I have to truly consider having additional surgeries on my joints.

Because I am just. that. lucky.

He said that kneecap replacements are more common for women than men because we girls have a wider-set pelvis which places a different strain on our knees.

Which - well...that was a punch in the gut for me.  You see, I've never been able to have children so that wider-set pelvis hasn't done me any good at all.  And now I find that it is, in fact, responsible for my need 2 more joint replacements.

Again - because I am just that lucky.

So, here we go.  I need to focus my thoughts on the major surgery I am facing in 11 days' time and try to put the knee situation out of my mind all thru my recovery, so I can remain dedicated to the best possible recovery.

So I can then turn my attention to - big shots and the contemplation of more joint replacements.