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The Weekly Muse

We are - snowed in. Quite literally. Between the nearly 3 foot snowfall and the drifts from the howling winds overnight - there are doors we can't open. We are able to open the garage door and that's where the pic at left came from.  We measured just beyond where The Oracle has shoveled and it's 30 inches.

And it's still snowing. Great gusts of wind are blowing it around and I think we'll get another 4 inches before it finally stops in a few hours.  We estimate that the wall of plowed snow at the end of our driveway measures 4 feet and growing.  We aren't leaving until the plow guy gets here, that's for sure. 

The last time I remember this much snow from one event was the Blizzard of 1978. 


Thankfully we are safely ensconced in our cozy and warm home; shortly there will be a fire in the fireplace and we will curl up with a good book and warms cups of tea.  And despite the howling 50+ mph gusting winds - we haven't lost power, for which we are very grateful.

And I continue down the path of happier thoughts and feelings.  My alternative healing last week has remained with me; meditations and prayers have been said throughout the past week and they are indeed helping.

I am, finally and for the first time in my life, letting go of the stories of other people.

Catching breath in a web of lies
I've spent most of my life
Riding waves, playing acrobat
Shadowboxing the other half
Learning how to react
I've spent most of my time

Catching my breath, letting it go, turning my cheek for the sake of the show
Now that you know, this is my life, I won't be told it's supposed to be right

Catch my breath, no one can hold me back, I ain't got time for that
Catch my breath, won't let them get me down, it's all so simple now

Those stories have held me back, kept me a victim in my own mind when in reality - I am no victim.

I am, as I've said before, fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am stronger than I ever thought possible and now - now I am allowing that strength to carry me thru each day.  Still, some are better than others but overall...I am more defiant and getting more sure of who I am every single day.

It's all a process of course but this time - I am in control of how it turns out.  And I like that.

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Reader Comments (4)

DANG! You GOT some snow! That reminds me of my winters in Wakkanai, Japan where we had similar snow... and the worst I'd ever seen in my life (average annual snowfall: 228 inches, or so it was said).

Stay warm. And strong.

February 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBuck

Glad to see you and the Oracle survived!

I'm really thankful that I was on Okinawa for the Blizzard of '78. Coldest it ever got there was maybe 55. Maybe.

February 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterOld AF Sarge

Woo hoo! Rock on homgrrl! That's great news that you're finally steering your own course through life. You may end up on the shoals, but at least it will be your efforts that led to it. Which means that you'll be able to get off the shoals again, if it ever comes to that. I'm betting that with your able bodied First Mate and finally being Mistress of your own destiny, you'll do fine. Congratulations!

In other news, my first winter in snow was that of 77/78. Starting with the big snow storm that closed down Boston in November then followed by the Blizzard of '78 in February. This storm was nothing like that. It tried, but fell short. At least up in Vermontia and from what I can see it's also less than that event here in Mass. Boston got some snow and flooding, but the rest of the state doesn't seem to be nearly as bad. I'm in Lexington right now and although they got a quite a bit of snow, it's nothing like '78. Which is a good thing.

February 11, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermarcus erroneous

Thank you all - we survived. You'd think we'd gone thru a Boxing Day Tsunami or something. Seriously, it was bad here but we are dug out and safe.

Buck - that is a powerful amount of snow!

Sarge - you suffered! Nearly 2 days w/out power at this time of year and after a storm like that - phew!

Marcus - thank you for the kind words. I am on the right path for my own destiny, whatever that becomes. I agree that this past storm wasn't close to the Blizzard of '78. But it terms of snowfall from one storm in 24 hours...it was pretty epic.

February 11, 2013 | Registered CommenterKris

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