Twenty-two of our bravest and best warriors were slaughtered this past Friday.  Navy SEALs do what they do because they have a desire - nee a burning need - to serve their country beyond the tip of the spear.  They do it because they love this country.

Compare to this:

The president of this country celebrated his birthday over the weekend with a star-studded barbeque at the White House and another campaign-fundraiser masquerading as a birthday party with a fee of $35,800 per plate for his closest cronies.

Our economy has tanked and it's only going to get worse.  Our debt rating has been dropped for the first time in our history and the president can't be bothered to give more of a statement than it is "imminently solvable".

No plan.  Just more words.  Even his own political party is starting to publicly express their annoyance and frustration about this president's inability to lead.

As all of this was unfolding over the weekend the president ... went golfing.

Compare to this:

In 2003 after receiving word, while golfing, of the death of a U.N. official in Baghdad President Bush gave up golf.  He stated that a president playing golf during a time of war sent the wrong message; that he didn't want the mother of a soldier who had died during the war see their president golfing.

President Bush was a flawed man - aren't we all - yet never for one minute could we ever doubt his love of his country and the warriors he commanded.

Obama is also a flawed man and it is abundantly clear that one of his biggest flaws (among many) is his unmistakable loathing for this country.

He doesn't seem himself as a president, he is a dictator - he quite clearly sees himself in the role of royalty rather than elected official.  His contempt for the average American is evident every time he opens his mouth.  He wants us to believe that he knows best yet refuses to let us in on his secrets.

It is beyond time for the American public to wake-up to the nightmare that the majority delivered to this country in 2008.

Hope and Change ... indeed.  I am hoping for a big change come 2012.



This is not a commentary on our weekend activities but rather a general observation.

No offense to anyone who would rather get their drunk-on with beer.


The Weekly Muse


That is the order of the day today. Owing in large part to the beautiful day spent at the beach by The Oracle and me yesterday.  We have decided this month to take every friday off, right thru Labor Day weekend.

If the weather is good, it will be off to the beach.  If the weather is crappy, we'll probably just go to work and save our precious vacation days for better results.

Queensryche - a fave in the late 80s and early 90s.  They would not normally be considered a mellow choice - their music is more to the heavy metal side of things - but this song has that dreamy quality and lends itself to a day spent in quiet pursuits.  Oh and I'll give you less than one guess at their inspiration.


And dammit! There is just one video on YouTube that speaks to the mood of the day - and embedding has been disabled.  Go here if you are interested - and I highly recommend that you do - to hear the bright, bouncy beauty of Phillippe Saisse playing Rameau's Nephew. This is an oldie from a Windham Hill recording in 1989.

Makes me long for crisp autumn afternoons spent on the back deck by the chiminea with a platter of gourmet cheese, homemade toast points and a great bottle of red wine.  My favorite wine in fact.

I know I shouldn't be wishing the summer away as it wishes time away. And yet, to me summer is just an unpleasant stopping point on the way to autumn - with its colors, smells and generally more comfortable weather.  And one can't have it without the grand and glorious Mr. Sinatra.

Well, to be honest - Frank goes with everything.

So does Michael.  Again, again and again.

The rest of the weekend should continue to be mellow.  No big plans, no heavy projects.  Just The Oracle and me ...

Which is all it needs to be.



Sometimes life ... well it happens.  Time marches on and before you know it there are 2 years between you and an experience you thought would break you in half.  24 months have come and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye; yet feels like a lifetime in that same blink.

You grow exponentially in that 2 years, if you allow yourself to do so, and if you can keep up - you learn so much about yourself.  Sometimes it feels as though I'm in one of those time-lapsed videos where you watch a flower grow from seed to bloom in less than 10 seconds.

And boy - am I blooming these days.  I am happier than I can remember being.  My new-found faith is a constant grounding force in my life.  I'm not sophisticated enough yet to have it guiding me in everything I do however it is a powerful influence. 

I feel safe.  For a good portion of the past 2 years I just didn't feel safe anywhere.  I felt lost and vulnerable, like there was a giant neon sign hanging over my head letting everyone know that my sanity was on the ragged edge and suggesting how much fun it would be to just - push me.

I am blessed.  Within our faith experience has been the connection with countless extraordinary people who are fast becoming a true, loving and permanent presence in our lives.  The unconditional nature with which they welcomed and accepted us rocked our world.  Helped us to understand that we really are good, loving people who deserve to have such amazing people around us - supporting us, loving us and allowing us to love them.  No questions, just acceptance.

I am blessed.  The Oracle's family wrapped us up in a bear hug of love and acceptance; they always have but never-moreso than in the past 2 years.  Again, no judgment just total unconditional love. 

And of course The Oracle himself - my rock, my solace, my foundation.  Even while in his own pain he saw the howling void I was trapped in and was (and still is) a constant presence of pure love.

I am blessed.  Our friends in general are incredibly loving, caring and kind people under normal circumstances.  Specifically my girl peeps are some of the most generous, welcoming and understanding souls you'll ever meet.

They appreciate me and accept me for who I am; they never try to change me.  They never try to bend me to what they want from me; this is a No Manipulation Zone.  They are there for me as much as I am for them - which is always, in every way, at any time.

That ... is rare to have in even one friend, let alone the group that blesses and enriches my life.

It is, in part, to them - my girl peeps - that I owe my sanity and my present state of grace and happiness.  They gave me solace and compassion when I needed it most; indeed in the past 2 years when I was totally lost within my own pain, they showed me the way out - countless times.  I like to think that I've done that for them a time or 2 over the years.

Two years ago my life changed; everything I believed about the people in my life who should have been there without conditions, prejudice or judgment, who should have accepted me as I am - was shattered in one moment.  And while I thought my heart would never stop breaking anew every day as long as I drew breath - it actually has.  I have a heart filled with spirit, love and grace.  I am a whole person again, settled in my life, happy with it and with myself.

Happy - with myself.

Not words I ever thought I'd say - and mean.